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Civil War Times

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Open Civil War Times and you've opened a window on our nation's most dramatic days. you'll come face to face with real people who lived the history... men American Civil War chronicles those who commanded armies, soldiers who risked everything, women who keep the home front running and politicians who led rival Americas. Everything you need to immerse yourself in the griping drama of the Civil War, you'll find in Civil War Times. Open an issue of Civil War Times to the middle, and you're surrounded by well told, true stories of the war and its people. Battles great and small as famous as Gettysburg and as obscure as Fort Pocahontas rage across the pages in lively, authoritative accounts full of quotes from people who were there. Commanders and politicians emerge from insightful biographies as real human beings. The everyday struggles of civilians on the home front and in the line of fire, the fascinating weapons of the first modern war, and the art, music, photography and spirit of the times all these emerge from highly readable features illustrated with genuine images and object of the period. Readers can count on Civil War Times regular departments for good advice on where to travel, and what o read, listen to, or watch to enrich their experience of the Civil War. With all this and more in every issue, it's no wonder Civil War Times is the top magazine in its field and has been since it started in 1962.

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